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  • Intention

    Black Owned.

    Queer Owned.

    Woman Owned.


    I am grateful to announce the launch of Visibility Saves Lives !


    It’s been on my mind for years. Every single time that I would see something that would empower me, the phrase would always come to mind.


    Visibility is important. It always has been.


    It is not lost on me what it takes to live an authentic life. It is not lost of me what it takes to have a dream. It is not lost on me the world that we live in.


    Visibility in my opinion- is grey. It is subjective. What empowers me might not empower you. What empowers you might not empower me. There are things, however, that collectively empower the mass as we are seeing right now. 

    I’ve never felt enough and will no longer subscribe to feeling this way.


    Maybe all that it comes down to is to keep trying, well then I say, let’s keep trying.


    The visibility of you living your life, affects other people wether you know it or not.


    Visibility is possibility.


    With everything going on, this is actually the most optimistic that I have ever been in years.


    Our voices are finally being heard. People are finally being held accountable and I believe that we ALL now have a chance.


    I am also sensitive to the other marginalized people out there that are in need of help during this awakening.


    It is not lost on me that quarantine has skyrocketed domestic violence and abuse.


    It is not lost on me that the hospitality industry, an industry that is built on the backbone of undocumented workers and immigrants, that they are hurting right now as well.


    It is not lost on me that a lot of people have shifted towards dangerous coping mechanisms of alcohol and various addictions during quarantine as recovery centers are now facing unprecedented financial deficients.


    As well as the systemic injustices that all industries have.


    It is my intention to build something that has an automatic bedrock of a portion of its proceeds going to charity as I am able to expand it.


    25% of all proceeds on every single item sold will be donated directly to charity.


    As I begin this endeavor, I would love to hear what ‘visibility’ means to you.


    Reach out to me at